Curriculum Vitae


2017       Certificate in GIS, University of Washington, Professional and Continuing Education

Capstone: "Salmon-Safe Culverts in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska,” identifying benefits and costs due to localized flooding and transportation disruptions following culvert failure

2006       Ph.D., University of Maryland, Politics of Environment and Natural Resources

Dissertation: "Distant Markets and the Invisible Hand: Principal-Agent Dynamics of Non-State Market-driven Environmental Policies," comparing delegation and information transfer in sustainable forest management and certification systems in Chile

2001       M.A., University of Maryland, Political Economy

1998       B.A., University of Washington, Political Science

1992       B.A., Evergreen State College, Ecological Agriculture (minor in Computer Science)


2015-present Ecological Economist, Senior Researcher, Earth Economics, Tacoma, WA

Identification and measure of key ecosystem goods and services, with emphasis on significance to local economies, quality of life, and overall contribution to a comprehensive understanding of benefits and costs; inclusive benefit-cost analysis; analysis of funding mechanisms for ecosystem services; development of Working Lands framework and strategy

2009-2015   Research Scientist, Center for Policy Research, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, University at Albany, SUNY

Research design, data collection and analysis, extracting relational and other data from large text corpora; curation of a list of 2,700 violent non-state groups (>6,000 aliases); integration of multiple large-scale entity and event datasets

2008-2009       Product Compliance Specialist,

Researching and documenting a global fulfillment and product recall system; continual monitoring of recall announcements and customer feedback; implementing product recalls throughout the company's global supply chain

2007-2008       Visiting Assistant Professor, Western Washington University, Department of Political Science

Courses on Environmental Politics, Introduction to Political Science, Politics of Inequality, Political Economy of Social Labeling

2004-2008       Research Scientist, NSF Law & Social Sciences Grants: Intercourt Relations in the American Legal System I and II

Developed and co-directed a $340,000 project on development of tools and techniques to study the development of legal precedent within the American court system, on the issue of regulatory takings

2004-2005       EPA Risk Assessment Consultant, International Center for Toxicology and Medicine

Human health risk models within the IRAP-h View software suite; merging raster land use data with 3-dimensional vector models, test burn data, and historical meteorological data to project localized deposition patterns and bioaccumulation effects, impacts on human morbidity and mortality.

2002, 1998       Research Assistant, Minorities at Risk Project, Center for International Development and Conflict Management, University of Maryland

Analyzed event-level data for thirty-three minority groups throughout Latin America and the Caribbean for the period 1992-2002; summary risk assessments for each group

2001-2002       Research Fellow, Forest Stewardship Council, Washington, DC

Research support for the Meridian Report (which compared FSC and SFI standards); field research on private forestry in the United States, assessing programs for small-scale land owners, and policies to improve productivity and efficiency.

2000-2001       Program Assistant, Harrison Program on the Future Global Agenda, University of Maryland

Planned twice-monthly lecture series and academic workshops on the political economy of sustainability and stewardship; outreach to both academic and general public.

1996       Research Assistant, Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, John F Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, MA

Research support for an undergraduate course on the history of economic thought, and an intellectual biography of John Kenneth Galbraith.

1993-1995       Vocational Agriculture Instructor, National Agriculture-Technical Institute / US Peace Corps, Caraparí, Bolivia

Established basic curriculum for agriculture and nutrition courses, weekly lectures and practical exercises to over one hundred students. All classes taught in Spanish.


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"If a Tree Falls on the Other Side of the World ... Distance and Information in Global Markets" Exploratory Workshop on Research in Corporate Social Responsibility, Yale University, New Haven, CT, January 2007

"The Evolution of Law in the Federal Court System: a Citation Analysis of Federal Regulatory Takings Decisions, 1978-2005," with Wayne McIntosh, Michael Evans, Steve Simon, and John McTague Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, PA, September 2006

"Principals, Agents, and Public Goods: Information and Structural Complexity in Policy Implementation Systems." Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, San Diego, CA, March 2006. Awarded Best Graduate Student Paper, Environmental Studies Section

"More than Typewriters, More than Adding Machines: Integrating Information Technology Into Political Research,” Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, Montreal, Canada, March 2004

“Certification: an Insider’s Perspective," 7th Annual Environmental Law & Institutions Colloquium, Certification Institutions and Private Governance: New Dynamics in the Protection of Workers and the Environment, Duke Center for Environmental Solutions, December 2001

"Defining Responsibility: Control of Knowledge in Chilean Environmental Law," Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, Chicago, February 2001


Political Economy of Conscience (PLSC 416), Western Washington University, Winter 2008

Economics and politics of social labeling systems, contrasting state-based regulation with voluntary, market-based systems.

Politics of Inequality (PLSC 346), Western Washington University, Winter 2008, Spring 2008

Deepening understanding of – and sensitivity to – persistent inequalities; how and why such differences occur, ideas about why they matter, remedies and prevention.

Environmental Politics (PLSC 420), Western Washington University, Fall 2007, Spring 2008

Politics and policies of the environment and natural resources, emphasizing US national policies (domestic and foreign), as well as those of Washington State.

Environmental Ethics (CPSP 218), University of Maryland, Fall 2006

Introduction to ideas about nature in human society and humans in the non-human world, the values guiding the actions of individuals, organizations, and governments.

The Craft of Political Science Research (GVPT 399), University of Maryland, Summer 2006

Introduction to the scientific process: research design, research ethics, archival research, survey design, interviewing, content analysis, process tracing, social network analysis.

Introduction to Environmental Politics (GVPT 273), University of Maryland, Summer 2006

Historical overview of environmental problems, institutions, policies, practices, and remedies, with an emphasis on American public policy, both domestic and foreign.

Policy in Context: Changing the Chesapeake (GVPT 399), University of Maryland, Summer 2004

Online course on the relationships between politics, policy, and environmental systems, through a case study of the natural and social history of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Visions of Power: Politics in Science-Fiction Cinema (GVPT 388), University of Maryland, Summer 2007

Colloquium of science fiction cinema as a lens on popular conceptions of political power, from utopian visions to anarchy and dystopian corporate states


"Information, Non-State Environmental Policy, and Global Markets," Ecological Economics Group (MEES 608N), University of Maryland, April 2006

Three-part series on "Population: Theoretical and Empirical Dynamics," Environmental Science and Policy (ENSP 101), University of Maryland, November 2004

"Ecology, Economics, Society: a dialogue about critical concepts," Ecological Economics Group (MEES 608N), University of Maryland, October 2003

"Twenty-nine Days: the History of Environmental Policy," Ecological Economics Group (MEES 608N), University of Maryland, October 2003

"Sustainable Forestry in Chile " Ecological Economics Group (MEES 608N), University of Maryland, September 2002

Three-part series on "The Strategy of the Commons: A Political Economics of the Environment," Environmental Science and Policy (ENSP 102), University of Maryland, April 2002


Best Graduate Student Paper, Environmental Studies Section of the International Studies Association, for "Principals, Agents, and Public Goods: Information and Structural Complexity in Policy Implementation Systems," 2006

Graduate Fellow of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 2006

Harrison Research Fellowship, Department Government and Politics, University of Maryland, 2002-2003

University Merit Fellowship, Department Government and Politics, University of Maryland, 2001–2002, 1998–1999

Excellence in Teaching Award, Environmental Science and Policy, University of Maryland, 2000